Embla Ambulatory Systems

Embletta® MPR & MPR PG


The Future of Sleep Recording is Embla Ambulatory Systems

Economy of Scale

A Family of Amplifier/Recorders that goes from the home to the lab in a “snap”

Bio-Sensor Auto Start
No lost recordings because a patient forgets to push a button

Wireless Integration of ResMed APAP
Whether auto titration or verification of therapy efficacy, our wireless TX Proxy provides an elegant and simple interface

Enterprise Practice Management Supported
Track your HST studies and your PSG studies in the same powerful data management software

The Embletta Multi Parameter Recording Family

The Scalable Sleep System that Grows with Your Needs

  • Scalable from Level IV to Full Level I PSG
  • Multi-Night Recording for HST
  • LCD Screen for Patient Set-Up, Signal Quality Check & Viewing Traces
  • Bio-Sensor Auto Start
  • RemLogic Software Included
  • Hi-Quality Microphone (optional)
  • TX Proxy Adds Wireless Interface for DC Devices