Embla MDrive

Embla MDrive

Embla MDrive

Embla® MDrive™ Wireless, integrated and flexible communication unit

  • Color LCD screen allows you to check impedance and signal quality at the bedside
  • Wireless IP camera interface for those times when portability precludes a wired option
  • A removable SD memory card allows for portable recording as well as providing data backup during wireless recording
  • Integrated two way intercom system

The Embla MDrive is the specialized platform for in-lab PSG applications featuring wireless technology with an IP camera interface, making installation quick and easy with no need for additional cables. This high performance device also offers a high quality color LCD screen for signal display, convenient for bedside bio-calibration and impedance checks, and includes a removable memory card for raw data backup. The MDrive interfaces with the Embla S4500 or N7000 amplifier and can be used during an attended or ambulatory setting with up to 8 additional DC inputs for expanded collection. The MDrive is compatible with all of the Embla PSG software platforms*.


  • Attended Data Collection – wireless or via network cable – optional backup of raw  data on removable SD card
  • Ambulatory Data Collection – collected data stored on removable SD card
  • Choose from preset or customizable montages
  • Real time impedance and signal quality check at bedside
  • Ideal for all patients, including pediatric
  • Custom designed wall-mounted or bedside cradle


  • Minimize cost, decrease installation time, and eliminate cabling
    • Integrated 3-port network switch for connecting IP Video and auxiliary IP network devices
  • Easy patient set up with integrated LCD screen for bedside impedance and signal check
  • 8 additional DC Inputs for expanded studies
  • Plug and play interface with a series of external PAP, EtCO2 and other industry leading diagnostic devices
  • Integrated 3-port network switch for connecting IP Video and auxiliary IP network devices