Salter ThermiSense


Monitor Airflow by Thermal Resistive Technology in conjunction with Nasal Pressure.
The Salter Labs ThermiSense® is a diagnostic thermistor temperature sensing system for use during sleep disorder studies.
Salter ThermiSense will deliver an accurate signal to the head box of your PSG recorder. The specifically designed cannula/holder allows the ThermiSense® thermistor to be placed in the optimal position to accurately sense the oral/nasal thermal airflow changes as well as the nasal

diagnostic thermistor sensing system that accurately senses oral/nasal thermal airflow changes as well as nasal pressure signals when used with Salter Labs’ BiNAPS® or other nasal airflow pressure sensing device.

pressure signal when used with the Salter Labs BiNAPS® unit or other nasal pressure sensing device. This combination will meet the AASM guidelines for nasal pressure and oral/nasal thermal airflow sensing. The system contains an integral circuit tester to check both the head box leads and thermistor for continuity.

This eliminates signal problems before beginning a study, saving you time.

Oral/Nasal Thermal, Airflow Sensing System, Complements nasal pressure, devices with a system that adds the required thermal monitoring in an easy to apply cannula/thermistor combination.

Accurately detects events:

Apnea/Hypopnea/Flow limitation

  • Reusable thermistor mounts on disposable cannula/holder to capture Oral /Nasal
    airflow signal
  • Thermistor secured in special cannula/holder reducing potential of skin contact
  • System incorporates lead/thermistor test to verify circuit integrity before beginning sleep study
  • Rugged, Kevlar® tinsel cables for product durability
  • Compatible with most major PSG systems
  • ThermiSense® Interface Box – 1 year warranty
  • Thermistor – 3 month warranty NEW!
  • U.S. and Worldwide Patents Pending

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