SenTec V-Sign™ System

The SenTec Digital Monitoring System (SDMS) provides continuous and noninvasive real-time monitoring of ventilation (tcPCO2) and oxygenation (SpO2) in virtually any clinical setting. SenTec’s accurate tcPCO2 and SpO2 measurement technology overcomes the drawbacks of conventional ventilation monitoring and unambiguously reflects hypo and hyperventilation, even under supplemental oxygen. It also continuously monitors for adverse breathing events.

The ‘SDMS’ is unique in that it is an all digital technology, making it the most versatile and advanced monitor in its class.

The Remote Monitoring feature enables the monitoring of up to 20 patients on a single display at the nurses’ station with all configured alarms and limits according to the profiles or settings. Recorded data is also seamlessly transferred using this link, allowing your hospital unit to develop a central repository of patient files.

SenTec V-Sign System


  • All digital monitoring starting at the probe head (unique to this device).
  • The data display provides a clear and comprehensive view of all real time data with trends analysis. Ventilation and Baseline checks can be conducted with just one or two simple key strokes.
  • The “Smart CalMem” function produces an “Always Ready” status which saves time and consumables, and enables the probe to be disconnected from the machine (for toilet trips etc) for up to 30 minutes. It also allows the probe to be off patient for up to 10 minutes in case of dislodging.
  • Up to 11 hours of independent battery operation
  • Longer membrane life – up to 42 days.

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Sentec Sensor

The SDMS probe is the smallest and most advanced of any tcPCO2 device. Measuring tcPCO2, SpO2 and PR, the SenTec SDMS is unique in that the digital converter is housed in the probe, virtually eliminating RF interference and contributing to a much faster, more precise response to physiological changes. It also means the patient interface cable doesn’t require shielding and can be thin and flexible.


V-STATS™ Software can be installed on any PC enabling the user to conduct comprehensive data analysis and configurable reporting as well as drift correction and profile management. A device can be configured to switch easily between a number of preconfigured profiles making it simple to change from one patient type to another, from one department to another or from one clinical trial to another.

Membrane changer

Changing membranes on tcPCO2 devices has always been tricky and prone to operator error. The SenTec Patented “Press-Turn” system automates this process and removes the majority of user related variability. This improves the consistency of the results, reduces consumable usage and at the same time greatly increases the staff comfort level with the device.

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