Ganshorn PowerCube Body
Ganshorn PowerCube Body
Ganshorn PowerCube Body

Ganshorn PowerCube Body+

Suitable for disposable mouthpieces and/or bacterial filters (a permanent breathing insert with bacterial filter connection is available for SpiroScout). Designed without any moving parts, the optional breathing insert can be removed quickly and easily for disinfection.


  • In-built SpiroScout – includes all associated features
  • In-built Diffusion system as option – includes all associated features
  • Diagnose faster – within a minute obtain results for airway resistance, dynamic/static lung volumes and flow/volume curve
  • Parameters – TGV, airway resistance (Eff, Tot, 0.5, mid, peak)
  • Automatic and simultaneous calibration of both the cabin and the mouth pressure at three different frequencies
  • Integrated speaker – easy patient communication
  • Superior infection control – no need to remove entire assemblies, simply remove single breathing tube for easy cleaning; clean the cabin and chair with disinfectant wipes
  • Broad spectrum of options – multiple programs available, making the PowerCube® Body+ your comprehensive analysis device
  • High quality electromagnetic locks ensure a tight and secure seal. LED lights display status
  • Choice of chair – platform or adjustable chair

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