Medikro® Spirometer Series

Medikro Oy (Kuopio, Finland) develops, manufactures and markets medical systems for pulmonary diagnostics and monitoring. As an established and family owned company, Medikro believes in the long term commitment to serve healthcare professionals, patients and partners with quality products and services. Medikro is the technology leader in computer based spirometers and is actively introducing innovative solutions for efficient asthma and COPD treatment.

Medikro® Pro

Medikro® Pro represents the state of the art performance in PC-based spirometry. It is an accurate and precise diagnostic spirometer with embedded ambient condition measuring sensors for automatic real-time BTPS correction.

Pro utilizes the comprehensible Medikro® Spirometry Software (MSS). The system is a perfect fit for doctors, who require a precise spirometer with highly customizable software, clear visualization of results and excellent networking capabilities. With disposable Medikro® SpiroSafe flow transducers there is no need for bacterial filters or sterilization. This increases patient throughput and saves operational costs.

Medikro Pro
  • All-in-one Laboratory Spirometer
  • Embedded Ambient Condition Measurement
  • Networking & Connectivity
  • 3D Child Incentive

It is an accurate and precise diagnostic spirometer with embedded ambient condition measuring sensors for automatic real-time BTPS correction.

Freddy the Frog incentive

Medikro’s Freddy the Frog is the only 3D incentive animation in the world. Freddy captures the attention of the children and encourages maximum performance.This improves the quality of spirometry results.

Patient safety

Disposable SpiroSafe flow transducers provide security in infection control. No exhaled air gets into the pressure tube or the device. This prevents patient-to-patient cross-contamination and protects the spirometer.


The combination of hardware and software features and the use of SpiroSafe disposables increases patient throughput and makes the system cost-efficient.

Automated realtime BTPS correction

The temperature, pressure and humidity sensors track environmental conditions automatically and enable true realtime BTPS correction.

VCT technology

Vibration Control Tubing (VCT) cancels the signal noise caused by patient and tube movement. This stabilizes the signal and improves overall spirometry quality.

Optional Bronchial Provocation


Use ready made bronchial provocation protocols, create them from the existing protocols or generate completely new ones.

Medikro Video Calibration Check

Medikro Video Performing Spirometry

Medikro Video Deleting Trials and Generating Reports

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