Model 9847

Pulse Oximeter and CO2 Detector

The reliable, versatile Model 9847 multi-function handheld monitor allows simultaneous or independent SpO2 and CO2 detection. With the 9847 monitor, you can verify endotracheal tube placement throughout the intubation period and measure accurate blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate values. This durable and portable handheld device holds up in demanding environments and provides up to 72 hours of data storage.

Model 9847

Alarm Option

Available with an audible alarm


PureSAT® SpO2 Technology

Provides reliable accuracy in challenging conditions, such as motion and low perfusion


Proven Durability

Rugged construction withstands repeated daily use and is backed by a 3-year warranty

90 hours of operation with continuous SpO2 or 20 hours of operation using both SpO2 and CO2

No warm-up or calibration required; works right away any time you need it

Provides up to 72 hours of data storage

Serial and USB cables allow easy data transfer to a computer using Nonin nVision Data Management Software

Audible indication of detected breath and tricolor perfusion indicator

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