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Nox T3s HST

Our new innovative and powerful Type III Home Sleep Testing diagnostic device

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Nox T3
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Introducing the next generation home sleep testing device, the Nox T3s. The device is based on the popular Nox T3, which has for many become the standard for HST. Among changes in the new Nox T3s are the refined Nox RIP Technology with 200Hz sampling frequency and the new Bluetooth® platform, BLE 5.0, facilitating lower energy consumption and much more . The Nox T3s system was designed keeping the patient in mind. The focus is on patient comfort, as well as the size and weight of the device to be ergonomic. Watch the product launch to learn more.

Nox T3


Nox BodySleep™ sleep time estimation from HST using breathing parameters*

Refined Nox RIP technology can be used as a primary flow measurement

Nox T3

Improved Bluetooth technology extending the battery life for multiple night studies

Built-in sensors for snoring, EKG, EMG & EEG

Cutting Edge analysis in Noxturnal Software empowered by artificial intelligence

Noxturnal 6.0 is designed to maximize the sleep specialist’s
flexibility and efficiency when reviewing the recorded sleep data.

With the two integrated high-resolution ExG channels on the Nox T3s, sleep specialists can customize their T3s device to adapt to their patients’ needs.

Nox T3

Clinical Accuracy

The Nox T3s in tandem with the Noxturnal software utilises cutting-edge technology providing fast and efficient analyses of the patients’ sleep study. In recent publications our respiratory analysis has been shown to be accurate and reliable when used with our advanced automated scoring algorithm in comparison to a manually scored AHI.

Nox T3 has a low failure rate which has been demonstrated in clinical studies. This is very important for efficiency and to increase patient satisfaction. Use of the Nox calibrated RIP flow offers an alternative or backup for the cannula flow and minimizes the risk of losing a study if the cannula drops out.

The accuracy of the integrated microphone in the Nox T3s is a reliable tool when detecting snoring and snoring episodes in patients.

The Nox BodySleep™

Estimates sleep time by analyzing breathing parameters

The Nox BodySleep* utilizes Artificial Intelligence, AI, intended to differentiate 30-second epochs into the REM and NREM sleep states, and Wakefulness. Nox’s BodySleep technology estimates sleep states by processing respiratory data through advanced algorithms utilizing Nox calibrated RIP technology.

The Nox BodySleep does not require traditional EEG, EOG and EMG signals typically used to determine changes in brain state during sleep stages.


Nox T3s Product Launch

Watch the Nox T3s product launch to learn more about this next generation HST device.

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